2013 is the fourteenth year of our company listing and it is also a key in our company’s history.I am pleased for our company’s phased progress in this year! Mountain road curved, the development of our group is extremely tortuous. We learned a lot of lessons and also accumulated a lot of experience in the capital market. The disputes of the indirect holdings of 51000000 shares of China's ping an insurance (group) shares co., LTD have plagued our group for years. Now we finally got a properly solve, plus we successfully completed the material assets holding mode of operation, our group posted a profit of about 2,457,800,000 Hong Kong dollars from the investment market in 2013, which marked our maturity and the success of our investment business.
2014, will be a new beginning. At present the Internet new wave rises again, profoundly affecting all aspects of our life . We recorded great success in the investment market, but  the ([set-top box]) business ,I successfully launched 11 years ago, is facing severe challenges.We will make efforts in 2014, using our inherent competitive advantages and the team's innovation ability to realize a transformation of the business . We will make efforts to explore in the direction of the combination of the Internet and television, I believe that with the efforts of our excellent business team, we will achieve successed in this business again as we did in the past.
Although we  made many mistakes in the past 14 years, or even a serious mistake, but we still grow from mistakes. Why is that? Because we are a good company. Good enterprise is our bottom line, we have a clear conscience! I think in the market, maybe we are not one of the best companies, however, we must be an enterprise with low risk and bottom line , an enterprise has unique market and product innovation abilities, an enterprise struggling in adversity and overcoming difficulties and finally obtained the excellent result, and hence an enterprise with luck and blessings. We look forward to achieving continuous innovation and constant improvement with our own advantages, make sure we can give shareholders satisfactory returns in the New Year.
Create value for shareholders, responsible for employees, ensure the security of enterprise, is our constant goal in thees fourteen years, and we struggle to achieve it with a lot of fun! Let us hand in hand to create success!
Looking forward to New Year!
(ZhuWeiSha, President and chairman of Yuxing company, New Year speech in 2013)