Yuxing technology co., LTD. (Hong Kong) was founded in 1999, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuxing science and technology investment, its main business is the transactions of listed companies, group investment banking business in Hong Kong, group support in Hong Kong and overseas business, including providing administrative support, services and contacts, etc.
The affairs of listed companies include public regulation of related law and compliance, as for the investor's work, the work of options and stock financing aspects. Cooperating with the company's business, it organizes professional consultant team to provide professional support for the group's investment projects and related business. Cooperating with finance audit and company performance report, it publishes listed company of the annual report, interim report and each branch of financial reports on a regular basis and it also releases other related information of the company.
Investment is one of Hong Kong company's main business. For a long time, it has established the increasing communication and good cooperation with the Hong Kong international investment institutions, banks and investors, professional consultants and professional institution. Over the years, the investment department collects information, pays attention to the market dynamics and makes analysis of stock investment value, thus to make profits for the company by investing in the stock market; At the same time it also invests in property and has received considerable assets value-added returns and rental returns. In the future, Hong Kong Yuxing will continue to provide better support for the group's investment business and services, and spare no efforts in making new contributions of innovation and enterprising.